After nearly two years of recording, mixing, mastering, and duplication – the DOUBLE DISC recording of MEETCHU IN MACHU PICCHU – THE MUSIC OF LARRY ZEIGER is now available!  If you’d like to purchase a copy – a mere $20.  contact me!  There will be a huge Pre-CD Release Party on Saturday, September, 26 in the afternoon in the parking lot at BARON’S MARKET PLACE and another upcoming event with the complete band and vocalists later in November.  CD’s will also be on sale at all FIRST THURSDAY EVENTS!  And eventually – you will be able to purchase them online and at designated stores in the San Diego area!  

There are 21 Zeiger songs featuring the talents of lyricists, JOY WOODWARD, RICHIE ATTWOOD, BRIAN STEVENS,  my sis and brother-in-law, CAROLE and BOB GREENES, and yours truly! Plus the incredible musicianship of ANTHONY SMITH (now playing at Croce’s and soon at the Old Globe Theatre), GILBERT CASTELLANOS (now in his 8th year at the Onyx Room), PETER SPRAGUE (next up – the Stevie Wonder Show at Anthology), plus the amazing drummer, TIM MCMAHAN,  superb bassist, KEVIN FREEBY, and hot Sax player, GABRIEL SUNDY!  ANTHONY SMITH is the brilliant arranger and keyboardist and PETER SPRAGUE did the intricate final mastering of the album at his studio!

And the vocalists – from Broadway, JASON MICHAEL SNOW and VINCE RODRIGUEZ!  (Jason is now performing in SOUTH PACIFIC on Broadway) and the star of every local production – the funniest man alive and one of the best singers, PHIL JOHNSON – and wait till you hear the very hot DREAM OF SAKS sung by MARA COOPER and ANTHONY SMITH, and the scintillating sounds of Italian singer, MICHELA DELLA POZZA!  PHIL COBB is sensational as he croons HERE I AM – and the incomparable STEVE GRADY will break your heart with AT THE BAR! GUSTAVO ALCOSER JR. sings three songs – a hot tango, pop ballad, and the song, I AM THE EYES with lyrics written by a 17 year old student at ART – A REASON TO SURVIVE!  CAREY SOREL and JULIE SULLIVAN have two hot Latin duets, TANGO HEAT and A THOUSAND GUITARS!  And special appearnace in the only NORTH KOREAN jazz song ever written, PINGA PANGA PONGA by Telemundo celebrity, ANA MARQUEZ!  And you won’t believe this – but GEORGE WALKER BUSH Jr and rap star extraordinaire, INCONGRUOUS (no relation) also perform and were recorded on their visit to NORTH KOREA with Bill Clinton!!!!  

This album makes the perfect holiday gift – why purchase one when you can buy five or ten!!!!  Please note – the CD’s are $20 for a double disc (very reasonable) and if you purchase three copies – you pay only $50!!!!  T-Shirts coming soon with the incredible designs by artist, ADRIAN RAMIREZ – Wait until you see the sexy Liner Notes!!!!  LET’S START CELEBRATING – THE TWO YEAR IN THE MAKING ALBUM OF THE YEAR!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS, RELATIVES, – EVEN STANGERS!!!!  They can’t afford to miss owning a copy of MEETCHU IN MACHU PICCHU!!!!!  Call me – let’s have lunch – I’ll bring copies! 



  1. hey its richie attwood how are you i found you on the internet searching about my song so i desided to follow up about the cd you can reach me at 619-295-1337 ok reach me as soon as posible i am staying with friend. god bless

    • How are you doing Richie – and where the heck are you? Hope you’re doing well. Everyone loves I AM THE EYES. Gustavo who sings it on the CD peformed it at an event last month and everyone applauded like crazy. My email is

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