Hey Everyone – You may not know this but last January I was a consultant at the first ever Latino Film Festival in Indio, CA!  And while there, I saw a very funny film, called I’M NOT LIKE THAT NO MORE!” – which I recommended to the SD Latino Film Festival . The film will be screened Friday night at 9:45pm at the Hazard Center UltraStar Theatre.  The film was written and directed by  CHRISTIAN SESMA (an SDSU grad who now resides in Palm Springs) – and features a cast of some hilarious Latino actors including PAUL RODRIGUEZ who may be there in person!  The theater was Sold Out in Palm Springs – so I recommend you get your tickets in advance – at least a few hours before the screening – or call me and I’ll pick up a ticket for you (I’ll be there in the early evening).  After the film, we could all go out to the DoubleTree next door or to the Third Corner!  Note – This is a bawdy comedy about a very dysfunctional but loving modern day Latino family!

If you haven’t been to the Festival yet – you should attend.  Saw a wonderful film last night, EL ESTUDIANTE – one of the best films about teaching I’ve ever seen!  And met the author of the film.  GREAT TIME!  Saturday night – you can catch a film and attend the CLOSING NIGHT PARTY at the U.S. Grant – it will be a blast – it always is!

MORE MUSICAL NEWS – One of the songs from my MEETCHU IN MACHU PICCHU CD will have airplay on WCR.FM in ENGLAND on March 22nd  – thanks to Music Director, DAVID BROOKES who is a guest on a program in which he has selected ten songs that are relevant to his life!  I don’t know the song yet – but will let you all know soon!  Also, songs which are selling at CDBaby.com so far are LOST IN THE DARK, SHADES OF BLUE, THE RIVER WE KNOW SO WELL, and HERE I AM!!!!! Tell your friends they can purchase albums or CD’s at CDBABY.com!!!!!

Finally – don’t miss GLEN FISHER and CON ALMA performing at the U.S. Grant – Grant Grill on Wednesday, Feb. 17 and for late night – GILBERT CASTELLANOS and his Latin Jam at EL CAMINO at 2400 India – every Wednesday night from 9pm – midnight!  THE MUSIC AND FOOD ARE INCREDIBLE – not to mention the superb Margaritas!



One response to “Special Screening – HILARIOUS LATINO COMEDY!

  1. Blanca and I had the pleasure of seeing the film El Estudiante on Saturday evening and were very impressed. What a TREAT! It’s an excellent film! I liked everything about it. One of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time.
    We also saw the film I’m Not Like That No More!” There were some pretty funny, and memorable, moments in the film. It was great meeting with some of the actors after the show.
    Keep the blog going Larry. It was great to see you Friday evening.

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