Hey Everyone – Last night I won the 2010 SHORT STORY OF THE YEAR Award at the annual SAN DIEGO BOOK AWARDS for my story about the insane people I met when I moved San Diego in 1970 – The judges’ comments on the story, FADE IN FADE OUT included – “Hilarious!”  “Had me laughing out loud.” “Fantastic characters!” The story is part of the book I co-authored with Jack Beddows called, SWAPPING STORIES – A PAIRING OF WINE AND WORDS – and we hope to be published soon!  If you have any connections/ideas – let me know! I am celebrating all week. . . Thanks also to Mary McDonald,  Steve and Martha Futterman, and Leslie Perlis (also a nominated author) for making the night so special – and really enjoyed meeting nominated author, Susan Ram and Andy Firtel as well!

Come Wednesday night to EL CAMINO at 2400 India (the old Airport Lounge) for an incredible night of music and food – the live music featuring GILBERT CASTELLANOS begins at 9pm – but I will be there at 8pm with a table reserved for anyone who let’s me know by Wednesday if they are attending.  Just ask for the Zeiger Table!

Friday night at ZIA’S BISTRO was a blast – and the dancing outside at the Plaza Basilone was a hit!  It was great running into JAY HIBERT (Class of 81) and his friends – and also Nancy Robles (Class of ’95).  And fun was had at Zia’s with Jen, Paul, Dave, Richard and more!!! Mark your calendar for Friday, July 2 for Zia’s for Happy Hour and the WINE AND BEER PARTY EXPRESS PUB CRAWL with DANCING IN THE STREETS. (I am the proud founder of the Wine And Beer Party Express – much more interesting than the Tea Party – and far livelier!!!!

Congratulations to Justin Halperin on his book and upcoming TV, SHIT MY DAD SAYS (the book is on the New York Times Best Seller List) – the TV series which is being co-produced by Justin stars William Shatner as the Dad!  Congratulations also to Heather Kraszewski and her mother, Terry on the nominated children’s book, SURF ANGEL and to Leslie Perlis on her gorgeous book on glass art – also nominated for Best Crafts Book.

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE – and if you live the district where DAVID ALVAREZ  and BEN HUESO are running for office – VOTE FOR THEM!!!  They are wonderful individuals!



  1. Patti Goodwin

    Congrats, Larry!! This is really exciting! I will be interested in a copy of your book when it comes out. I would also be interested in Leslie Perlis’ book on glass art….for Garrett. Is it at amazon or Bookstar? See you at Barons…..Patti

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