NICE LEGS! Signing and Discussion at BARNES & NOBLE – Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss our NICE LEGS book signing #6 at Barnes & Noble in Mira Mesa (in shopping plaza where Edwards Cinema IMAX Theatres are located off I-15 – on Saturday,February 22,2014 from 3:30pm to 6pm.  Jack Beddows and Larry Zeiger will be doing a presentation about the book at 4pm at this event.  Bring your friends and family and learn about the stories we told in NICE LEGS! – a lively discussion of crazy neighbors, our unusual first pets, a philisophical thief, Las Vegas trips gone bad, an amazing trip to Mazatlan, spooky vampires in an old house, life as a musical, ourtrageous Cleveland stories, will Massachusetts tales, and lots more!  

Help us make NICE LEGS! A PAIRING OF WINE AND WORDS a national best seller!!!  If you can’t make our signings, you can always purchase the book at AMAZON.COM.  It’s easy to do and you will receive the book in three days!  ImageImageImage

And here’s one more bit of news – if you are in Little Italy and stop by SAN DIEGO CELLARS located at 2215 Kettner you can purchase a bottle of NICE LEGS! SYRAH CUVEE – that’s right – they’ve named a bottle of incredible wine after our book!  Imagine our book paired with a fine wine that not only has NICE LEGS – but it is called NICE LEGS!  The perfect pairing and gift idea! In fact, you can also shop at BARONS MARKET and/or THIRD CORNER and purchase many of the bottles of superb wines which are paired with each of the stories in our book!  A great gift idea!!!


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