Larry Zeiger

Zeiger moved to San Diego in 1970, where he received a Masters Degree from San Diego State University in telecommunications and film. He taught at Point Loma High School for 33 years. His productions started out as a final class project for his senior English students. The productions flourished to become extravagant Broadway-like musicals with more than 100 students involved in each project.  Currently, Larry Zeiger is co-authoring the book, SWAPPING STORIES – A PAIRING OF WINE AND WORDS and working on his new CD of potential Oscar-winning song hits.  

9 responses to “About

  1. Hiya Larry,
    Great site. When’s dinner? I’ve got lots to share with you about the last few months – 2 weeks in the Philiippines, recording Mainly Mozart, SDSO Pops!

    I hope to see you Tuesday PM.


  2. Hi Larry, I’ve music directed Jacques Brel at North Coast Rep and I also play keyboard in the band. We’re in our last two weeks–great cast–please come see us!

  3. Excellent site, and a great way for GSGD members to keep up to date on what is going on.

    Alas, should you need more wine for those words, the winery is still operational. Production is still ahead of consumption, so just say the word.

  4. Larry, great to meet you and your friends in san diego. you made me feel right at home during my brief visit. until next time. Robert Aertker, colorado springs.

  5. Hi Larry
    I just joined WordPress – we might be related email me .

  6. Hi Larry,
    I am a voice teacher new to the San Diego area. Your name was given to me by one of your old High School English students, and she recommended that I contact you. It would be great if you could send me an email. Thanks!

  7. hey larry this is Richie attwood the one who wrote I am the eyes how are you my number is 509-202-9250 call me

  8. Hey Ritchie – How are you doing??? It’s been a long time! What are you up to? I hope you’re still writing beautiful poetry!!!! My email is LZeiger@aol.com

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