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Don’t miss this Thursday’s (April 17) NICE LEGS! SIGN & WINE NUMERO NINE (it rhymes) at OLD VENICE RESTAURANT in Point Loma at 2910 Canon St  from 4pm – 7pm.  We’ll be signing books and enjoying fine wines and terrific appetizers and pizzas.

Old Venice is the famous location for all the alumni, cast, and friends after-parties of many Gotta Sing Gotta Dance productions!  So come on by when work is done – and enjoy the fun!!!  Cost of the book which includes tax is $15. and cash or check is preferred.  Oh – and NICE LEGS makes a great Easter and/or Passover gift paired with a bottle of wine.

One more item  of historical note – Chapter 9 of NICE LEGS starts out at Old Venice as Jack and Larry tell two  outrageous stories – “Big Mouth Strikes Again,” and “Caught in the Act” inspried by a glass of Marilyn Merlot and Basket Case Syrah.  You’ll love the pairing!

If by chance, you don’t live in San Diego, NICE LEGS! A PAIRING OF WINE AND WORDS is available on  And if you like our book and would like to give a review on – please do so!

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The films at Lestat’s on June 20 will begin at 6:30 – not 7pm. Sorry for the error! Hope to see you there!


NO, I’m not going to Machu PIcchu but I did write a song (with Joy Woodward) about it – MEETCHU IN MACCHU PICCHU and it will be a hit, I promise. It’s a hot Salsa number which will go to the top of the charts! This past week I started recording my second album of songs I wrote and this one is incredible. I am fortunate to have my music arranged by Anthony Smith – one of the most talented pianist/arrangers in the world and with him – Tim McMahon on drums and Kevin Freeby on bass – you couldn’t ask for more creative and technically brilliant musicians anywhere. Ask my neighbors!!! We’ve been rehearsing in my living room, and last week we spent more than 20 hours at HIT SINGLE RECORDINGS in El Cajon recording 11 of the 18 songs and we’ve invented some great new genres of music – how about ASIAN/LATIN FUSION? and then there’s DISCO-RAP. You’ll want to attend the CD Release Party with live music from the band and some top vocalists! This is the most fun I’ve had on a project in a long time – and the most expensive – so I hope you will all purchase a copy when it comes out – or better yet – ten copies!!! They make great gifts – no kidding!!!

It was great seeing so many people at the hilarious play NEMESISMark Albrecht, Carlene Hardesty, Tom Zounes and his lovely mother, Marianne, Joy Woodward, Mike White, Marilyn Brown, Jeremy Alexander, Mary McDonald, and Martha Futterman. Phil Johnson, one of the cast members and co-author of NEMESIS will be performing on my CD – he’s a fantastic singers as well as one of the funniest people I know in the world!

Don’t miss the first FIRST THURSDAY – a celebration of the the month – most often – but not always – on the FIRST THURSDAY of each month. September 4 from 4pm to 7pm – join Point Loma alumni, staff, and friends at WINE STEALS at Liberty Station for fantastic wine tasting on the patio. All events are no host – but great fun! Bring your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Watch for a complete list of First Thursday locations in an upcoming posting.

Special congratulations to Vicki Estrada and her new bride (both brides), Lynda. They were married today in the garden of their beautiful home (complete with a huge wooden giraffe on their front lawn).

Finally, a standing ovation for Priscilla Allen, one of the great performers and fantastic teachers in San Diego history! Priscilla who taught at Point Loma, passed away last week and a spirited tribute to her was held this past Thursday for her at the San Diego Repertory Theatre.


In 1978, my second Gotta Sing Gotta Dance Show was called MY NAME IN LIGHTS.  How prophetic that was!  On July 1, thanks to Pat and John Baker and the many donors who contributed – THE LARRY ZEIGER PERFORMING ARTS CENTER now has 27 three foot maroon metal letters drilled into the top of the buidling!   And in October, there will be a celebration of the 31 years of Gotta Sing Gotta Dance when the Hall of Fame of photos is officially open in the Media Center – with a reception following.  We are still raising money for Zeiger Scholarships for needy kids who are talented in the arts.  This year, Blaise O’Dell, a talented filmmaker was the first recipient of this award.  As you can see I’m enjoying my retirement!

It was also great going to the Brigantine after the installation of letters and seeing so many alumni and hearing about their accomplishments. Carey Sorel and Carlene Hardesty (Class of 80), Mark Albrecht (Class of 79), Brian and Sharyl Brown Lloyd (Class of 82), Jeremy Alexander (Class of 89), Jon Koehler (Class of ’84)Ken Mcrobie (Class of 84), Carlos DeLeon (Class of ’98), David Baker (Class of 2006), Lara Gould Wood (Class of 91), Dusty Best (Class of 2003).    Also in attendance were Pat and John Baker, Joy Woodward, the new president of the Point Loma Foundation, Gretchen Pelletier, and my dear friends, Jen and Roger, and those two sparking wits, Dan Camacho and Rich Ojeda!   If I left out anyone (and I’m sure I have) contact me, and I’ll add your name to this list!!  Many thanks to all of you for celebrating with me!  

HAPPY JULY 4th especially, my good friend, Maurizio who lives in Milan – his birthday is July 4th – and I told him I’d throw a terrific party for him in San Diego with fantastic fireworks if he and Ilaria were in town!  Happy Birthday Maurizio!!!!  And a sparkling 4th to all!

LZ on PAC – July 1




Thanks to so many wonderful friends, the letters for LARRY ZEIGER PERFORMING ARTS CENTER are going up on the theater at Point Loma High on Tuesday, July 1.  You’re all invited to celebrate at 4pm at the Brigantine on Shelter Island for a fantasitc Happy Hour!  Make sure you stop by the theater to see the signage. Special thanks to Pat and John Baker for their tireless work on this project and to all of you who donated so generously.


Hope to see you at the Brig.  I’ll be the one sipping Champagne!

Gotta Sing Gotta Dance Hall of Fame – Coming Soon

Coming Soon in October 2008 – ZEIGERFEST – the opening night of the Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (ZeigerHall of Fame which will be in the library of PLHS.  Thirty-one restored and framed photo boards showcasing nearly 3,000 PLHS alumni from 1976 – 2007 will be on display.   In addition, there will be a reception following the event at a to-be-announced restaurant.  Additional information will be posted on this website. If you have questions or would like to get involved, please leave comments below. 


The LARRY ZEIGER PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is soon to become a REALITY – On July 1, thanks to the generous contributions of so many people, the letters will be installed across the outside of the building – and it will be official.  Thank you all for your contributions and for establishing the ZEIGER SCHOLARSHIP!!!  You are very much appreciated!

Website Launch

After years of procrastination and false starts we have finally launched the official Larry Zeiger webpage. Thank you for visiting. Please leave a comment below.